Loes en Peter gooiden het roer om in 1995

GPS use on Crete for walks.

Our GPS walk in Crete starts from Amiras

Amiras was one of our most beautiful experiences in nature without any footpath

and off course using of our new wanderer notation Global Position System.

Position, hights, satellites,
Global Positioning System on Crete.

Map with details in time, hight, und coördinates

Dealing with GPS

The abbreviation GPS stands for Global Positioning System.
With a GPS you define your position on earth with signals from satellites above.
The values in our part of the world are being expressed in degrees eastern longitude and north latitude.
You can find these numbers in country maps and on globes.
The two main lines on the globe: the prime meridian and the equator.
The prime meridian is the dividing line between east and west.
The equator is the dividing line between north and south.
The satellites are far above the earth and are sending and receiving signals to and from the earth.
Just 5 satellites above you, calculate your position on earth.
If you walk 100 meters to the north, you are closer to a northern satellite
and further away from a southern satellite.
With this new calculation, you can read your new position.
You can also calculate on what altitude you are,
close to the sea or up on the mountain.

You can take pictures with GPS coordinates in the information box,
then download an app onto your smart phone.

een tekening van de route
A older sketch in the starting years.

Skech with traditional details

* We have been using Garmin e-Trex. It is easy working with.

* Nowadays you can download good apps for your smart phone.
* North latitude and eastern longitude mark your current position.
* Use Google Earth or a good road map to enter the position into your GPS.
* Calculation of the data from the satellites. Reliability is stronger with more satellites.
* Distance is calculated as the crow flies and displayed in meters.
* The GPS calculates and displays the altitude above sea level.
* The satellite points the arrow to your goal. This is not a compass.
* Some apps give a combination of a compass and the direction to your goal.
* The direction of the arrow works on your entered target.
* Average speed will be calculated and it shows the time to your destination.
* Use the road map: ROAD Edition East Crete 1: 100,000 / 1 cm = 1 km.

Examples for using waypoints.
You can be anywhere to insert waypoints.
Also in Great Britain.
You park car at the Piccadilly Circus in London.
Turn on your GPS here. Select the page “Mark”.
Waypoint 001.
Rename this waypoint “001” to “PICC”."

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Hondras Village center.

waypoint 08 destination

destination waypoint 09 or target

White hill in sight.

On the white hill top 009 / At the right a shelter possiblity.

shelter in the rocks close to the tree.

on the left picture, to the top waypoint 012, arround the corner: surprising waypoint 014

waypoint 017 in the forest, we turn right downwardswaypoint 05 The car exaxtly.

Y junction waypoint 020 we turn left.

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